A Homeless Triplet Graduate With Honors

Triplets born into adversity decided they were never going to give up no matter what odds were put in their way. For three triplets, Haley, Kassidy, and Sierra growing up in Las Vegas, their lives haven’t been easy- starting when they were only a few months old. They also said that “After we were born our mother died and then our dad went to prison and we lived with our grandmother for awhile…She didn’t believe in schooling so we weren’t put into school until we were eight.”

Time and time again the girls were left alone, neglected of food and basic necessities, but together they found their strength to survive. Once their father finally got out of jail he moved the girls from Pioche, Nevada to Las Vegas, and once again the girls were left alone for weeks to months at a time, and said: “Our house got shot up…three bullets…and our dad wasn’t there at the time.”Together the triplets let nothing and no one stands in their way. Watch the video below!