al Fazliya residents can now shave, cut their hair and smoke after being ruled by ISIS for two years

Resident in a newly- liberated town of al Fazliya speak of immediate relief of the following ISIS exodus

The town was held under ISIS rule for last two years, but now as you can see in their face there totally happy, very thankful to God and enjoying their freedom.



First trim in two years

” Under the ISIS, we could do nothing without their permission,” but despite from the first hour after they left they felt normal again.



Now, a sign hangs outside the barbershop, showing a boy and young man  with neat haircuts.


When smoking means Freedom

Smoking was a crime under by ISIS, but now bad habits are renewed in public. It’s a symbol of the town’s liberty for olive farmer Mahmoud Abbas.

The boy said, he felt full of freedom that he smoking now on the street.



We were dead… now we alive again’,

We were dead, and now we are alive again. When the Pershmerga came they became alive again- and God saved them.

Abbas explains that she is overjoyed now that ISIS is gone. She praise the army and the Pershmerga for bringing them freedom from ISIS.


Much damage has been done but locals who supported and helped to enforce the reign of ISIS is now fear retribution from other residents in the newly-liberated town.