Architect Student was robbed and stabbed 18 times in Taguig City

Please be aware that many bad guys are roaming around now. This story is about the Architecture student from Adamson University, Nick Russel Oniot, who was robbed and stabbed 18 times at Martinez St. Barangay central Signal Village in Taguig City. The brutal killing of Oniot went viral after a Facebook post of a certain N. Bueno.


The CCTV footage of the incident showed Oniot walking alone in the area where he was killed. It can also be seen that the Adamson student was trying to ask for help but people nearby refused to help the victim.


According to reports, the suspects of the Oniot killing are dead. Marvin Bernardo was shot dead by a police when he tried to grab the gun of the latter and REynold Clave died in jail due to medical complexity including heart attack.


Meanwhile, Russel’s ex-girlfriend posted some of their conversation in her Facebook account.


Uncut CCTV Footage of Student Nick Russel Oniot