At First, You Might See it as a Trash Fluctuating in the middle of the Sea Nevertheless You’ll be Surprise What Happens Next

The WWF-Pakistan Trained observer, Amir Rahim encountered his first and very unforgettable experience while patrolling estimated 180 nautical miles from Karachi in the Arabian Sea. He and his colleagues saw something a trash floating but this is so shocking when they are getting closer! It was entangled Olive Ridley Turtle trapped in a polypropylene (PP) bag. This turtle was in trouble while swimming in the depth of the sea because of this plastic wrapped around his body that maybe a cause for him to push into death.

Watch how Rahim dive into the sea without hesitation just to help the struggling little poor creature. He immediately removed that plastic sealed on his body and released it back into the sea.


That was really a touching video! Salute to Sir Rahim for this heroic move.