Boy writes ‘angry’ note to Teacher

The letter is signed by the student, by the name of Isaiah, it was shared on Twitter on Thursday morning.

The Internet is confused about the boy’s alleged letter to his master, to which he told me that he was praying that “God gets you to hell fast.”

“This lady on Facebook said her coworker had to have a conference with her sons teacher because of a note he wrote,” wrote Twitter user @HelloKennedi, who shared a photo of the shocking letter. “Y’all. Please read the note.

The boy said that he was “upset” that his teacher, Mrs. Jones, was there for 25 of my humming bird bucks” as a punishment for talking in class.

“My dear Mrs. Jones, I’m mad at you because you have a 25 on my enjoyment dollars, as I was talking to Conner,” the boy wrote.


“It’s not a big deal, and I’m only 6 and I don’t [quietly] all the time.”

What started out as an assertive letter to the teacher, it soon became apparent tension.

“That makes you a thief and a con-artist & you’re going to go to hell,” he wrote.

And, just to make it clear what the hell he was referring to, the guy added in: “the burning of the 1.”

“I’ve been working hard for a dollar, and my only prayer [chapel] today is that God has given to you to go to”hell fast,” the boy continued, “Superfast.”