Bullied Boy got the Best Magical Transformation after 5 years of Teeth Procedures

He was bullied and definitely losing his self-esteem, that’s what Evan Hill felt when his classmates called him rabbit.


“They call me bunny rabbit,” the young boy said. “I am not.”

Thanks for the neighbor who helped Evan to appear on a current affairs program in his hometown of Christchurch, New Zealand to discuss the bullying and his family’s financial situation.

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When the viewers heard of Evan’s heartbreaking story, they stepped in and donated $100,000 so Evan would be able to pay the estimated $12,000 it would cost to have his teeth straightened.


It was Orthodontist Ronald Sluiter who worked on Evan and said it was the worst case he had seen in 25 years. It takes 5 years for Evan to visit Sluiter to complete the procedure and finally the orthodontist was able to move Evan’s teeth 15 millimeters.


Look on the teeth transformation of Evan. It’s magical isn’t it? His mom told Newshub emotionally then thanking everyone who donated to help her son. The family said that the leftover money that was donated for Evan’s braces will be put into a fund for other families struggling to pay their child’s dental bills.

From bullied to the best transformation, Evan can now smile confidently.

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