A Controversial Video of a Dying Woman was Captured by a Camera: Real or Fake?

Death is an extremely difficult time in life. It might be anticipated or unexpected. They may say death is the end of life and some of many religious beliefs claimed that life after death exists. They refer it as the soul of a person that departs from his/her body to live for the Spirit World.

One case that is now now the talk of the town on social media after many netizens was mystified from a video wherein a soul leaving body caught on camera in China. It was captioned “Camera Catches A Woman DYING .. . And Her Soul LEAVING HER BODY!! REAL or FAKE??” Because many of the viewers argued on this case.

The question is, “Is this alleged video is real or edited?” It’s time for you to speak up whether life after death really exists? Watch the full clip below.



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