Coronavirus: Condition worsens for 2 patients of coronavirus in Singapore










A Transmission Electron Microscopy image of the first isolated case of the coronavirus, as obtained by Reuters on Jan 27, 2020. Courtesy of IVDC, (Photo: China CDC via GISAID/Handout via REUTERS)

Ministry of Health (MOH) has confirmed that the two coronavirus patients in Singapore have worsened on Thursday (Feb 6). One did not travel to China recently and does not appear to be linked with previous cases. The other cases announced on Thursday also has no recent travel history to mainland China.

Said in the press, “One is now in critical condition in the intensive unit, and another requires additional oxygen support. The total number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in Singapore on Thursday (Feb 6) is 30, of which 11 are Singaporeans. Most of the other patients are “stable or improving,” MOH said.

Source: CNA/mi/jt(mi)