Despite of Thousands of Ants Inside on her Head, this Girl Still Feels No Pain at All



Meet Shreya Darji, a girl from Dessa, India. At first, she feels like some weirdness and heaviness in her head last year in August. Her parents was alarmed when she complained to them that she started to hear some ringing in her ears along with some redness so her parents brought her to hospital for several checkup.




Now, the doctor found out that there were ants in her ear canal and they removed some few dead ants. They thought that problem was solved but it was just the beginning of the issue according to the report.




As per advised, they already removed the dead ants on Shreya but they failed on this. She still experiencing around ten live ants per day crawling out of her ears. These insects occurs often throughout school hours that’s why her classmates called her “Queen of the Ants”. Still Shreya felt no pain or any.

Thousands of Ants Inside on her Head


There were succeeding confinement to hospital happened but this time over one thousand ants from the young girl’s head had been removed. Her surgeon for Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT), Dr. Dr. Jawahar Talsania have no specific explanations on where the ants are coming from. Aside from that Shreya undergo with MRI and CT scans, but they have all come back normal




This case of this young child was still unsolved. They still questioning where the ants keep coming from and confused how the ants got into Shreya’s ears. Authorities already checked on the family’s background and the result is that they are in excellent living conditions.