Gamers Leave the Tokyo Game Show stunned because of this Lifelike Android Woman

Woman or machine? That was the questions mostly for the gamers of this year’s Tokyo Game Show. They were convinced that she was a real woman because of the details of her face and the movement of her limbs.

This is the proof that technology evolves wherein machine can be a replacement for human or I might say that machines nearly have the capacity of what human’s characteristics including also its daily activities.

The stunningly lifelike android woman’s video of this year’s Tokyo Game Show in the Japanese capital gained more than three million views as of today.


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It has been 21 years that this expo have celebrate and display for Japanese-made and international games at the convention.

(Image: AsiaWire)


One of the highlight of the show is this beautiful female android together with the  new PlayStation 4 video game developed by Quantic Dream, from France, and published by Japan’s very own Sony Interactive Entertainment, “Detroit: Become Human” which set for release in 2018. It tackles the story android Kara, an android who escapes the factory where she was made.

(Image: AsiaWire)


She was dubbed as the humanoid robot who is one of the state-of-the-art AP700 models – “the most reliable android” according to the game’s storyline.

Visitors are attracted to this android because it smiles and waves, leaving expo-goers and social media users stunned.

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