Gay V, wife Angeli mark 35th  wedding anniversary

MANILA — Gary Valenciano and his wife, Angeli Pangilinan, celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary on Tuesday, August 6.

On Instagram on Wednesday, Valenciano shared his sweet message for his wife.

“It was 35 years ago that we made that commitment to be husband and wife. She was 25 and I was 19. Yes I know our story is good enough to be made in to a movie. But I’m here to say that this wouldn’t have lasted this long without the grace and mercy of the almighty God to see us through it. We’ve been through the most challenging of times and thankfully we’ve come out of them only as people who wanted to become better and not bitter. No she isn’t perfect but I’m far more imperfect than she is and yet she loves me just the same and I’m truly thankful for this. None of this however, developed overnight but over time,” Valenciano wrote.

“To all couples out there who’ve struggled through the years of being together… please know that we too have struggled. In fact, we still do at times but I believe it’s part of the dynamics of any relationship and it also brings us to realize the need of having God in the center of our union. Yesterday was our 35th anniversary. I give all glory and praise to Jesus because it’s Him who put us together… and it’s He who will keep us together,” Valenciano added.

Valenciano and Pangilinan have three children, Paolo, Gabriel and Kiana.

Credit: ABS-CBN News