Groom Divorced His Wife The Next  Day After Seeing His Bride Without  Make Up for the First Time.


At first this man thought he already have his happy ending love story. Until one day, he was surprised what he saw at his room. He can’t believe it that this woman on his room was his wife. Man, you should know first your wife to be so that in the end you will not experience the same way like this.


“Thief who came to steal his apartment”. Oh com’on, that was bizzarre! I can’t believe that someone like this who are so rush in marriage. They’re like playing here and this girl is cheating. Not to other boys or third party involved but to herself or to
his groom.


And now he sues his bride for psychological suffering? This is so funny… You should learn on your mistakes dude. Moral lesson here is “Don’t rush anything specially on the things your not sure of, if it’s the time’s right…it’ll happen.” Hope you readers can acquire also with this.