Man Squeezes a Huge  Ingrown Hair on his Friend’s Back and  the Result was Totally Gross

When you surf on the internet and this welcomes my day. That was really disgusting! If you were eating your meals, close away your browser. Promised, it might ruin your day. But if you are used to this, just continue reading…

According to WebMD, Ingrown hairs are hairs that have curled around and grown back into your skin instead of rising up from it. On this video, you can see some strange bumps have sprung up on his back where they’re not exactly pimples and not hives either.

The video was filmed inside the Fort Bragg Army Base in Fayetville, North Carolina where a group of men are at the bathroom who’s laughing and preparing to watch what’s totally happen when that spotted inflamed ingrown hair on their friend’s back was being squeezed. According to the sources, this clip recorded a year ago and then recently re-uploaded online.

Guys soon stop laughing as the ingrown begins to squirt yellow colored puss and liquid in which some of it hits the phone of the guy capturing and they begin to yelling. They found out that the smell is so bad.

On the third try of squeezing, one of the group screams and the man who is filming suddenly dropping the phone. As you can see, one of them running away from the bathroom and very disgusted on what they seen.

That man was brave, it’s very painful to watch him as his friend squeezed his ingrown hair without the help of doctors or specialists on this. Seriously, dude! “If it doesn’t go away, an ingrown hair can become infected, darken the skin, or leave behind a scar, especially if you've been scratching or picking at it” – WebMD.

Watch the full clip below.