Meet The Pinay Nurse receives £27 million from Billionaire Patient


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A Filipina nurse may now be one of the richest nurses after being given £27 million by her patient. Hadassah Peri has been taking care of Hugguette Clark for more than 20 years. Hugguette is the youngest child of Senator William Clark, one of the richest men in United States who also owns a 121-room mansion in Fifth Avenue, and is suffering from face cancer.


The pinay nurse worked for 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. Peri, was paid $30 an hour or $131, 040 a year. Because of her dedication to her work and love for her patient, Clark reciprocated this by helping Peri’s family as well as paying medical bills and left her an inheritance.

Clark passed away in May 2011. The Pinay nurse received more than $18 million over 20 years and was left with $8.75 million as stipulated in Clark’s will. Peri used the money to buy some properties which include  $700,000 home in Brooklyn, New York and a $500,000 house in Jersey Shore, New Jersey.