The Impact of this Death Defying Stunt brings  you to a New Level of Excitement. Is it Edited or  Filmed Vid?

This group will surely blow your mind away after you watch their clips on Youtube. They are team called Storror who is composed of eight young lads from the UK who are known for being passionate, aggressive and renegade style of movement and breathtaking size of stunts.

One of the highlights is their member, a British daredevil and parkour enthusiast Max Cave. While their new target country is Hong Kong, Cave successfully taking risk of running start and leaps from one 25-story apartment building to another.

Check this on how he easily performed this insane stunt. parkour-enthusiast- leaps-high-building-Asia.html

Since you’re not well contented on the clip, I guess you want more. Watch their team while they are in Italy here. Prepare yourself for their daredevil stunts featured.