The Oldest Man in the World Revealed and He Can Be Found at Indonesia



Introducing Mbah Gotho from Indonesia and known as the oldest man alive ever. He is 45 years old and that was proven by his government national identity card (KTP). It stated on the card that he was born on December 31, 1870. So that means he’s 145 years old, alive and kicking! Hopefully she’ll be turning 146 years old this year. Looks like she is still healthy here. Enjoying cigarettes while watSou somewhere there!




This will be a turning point for Indonesia and definitely get the new record from Guinness Book Record. Previously it was Jeanne Calment who aged 122, a woman from France.




According to Mbah Gotho on the interview, he admitted that he is now uncomfortable with this our daily routine and that was horrible for me. For now Mbah, is living with with his grandchildren and great-grandchildren.



You’ll surely gonna shocked on this, he also claims that he outlive his 10 siblings as well all of   children and his 4 wives. He might be the unhappiest person in this year also.

Since he lived so long, he just take his life more patience. This oldest person is also hoping that one day he will die. For me, he looks so tired. He needs rest. From his skin and body figures obviously he can’t stand or if ever he wants to, he need some assistance by his grandchildren.