These Mothers Allowed this Stranger to Kiss Them in front of their Kids at the Beach and Check Toddler’s Different Reactions on This.

This video gathered 2,812,441 viewers counting across the globe via Youtube and I don’t know what their objectives is. Mostly their channel contains Kissing, a variety of Kissing. Now, PrankInvasion uploaded their latest video Kissing Prank – MOM EDITION and received negative comments and opinions.


Looks like this kid started to open his curiosity how’s the taste out there




“Keep up the good work Mom, I’m ok here. The sand is cool…” I’m just kidding here, toddler never mind what his mom doing




                                                                         Kissing while holding her baby here…  




                 A Romantic Finale? I just want to ask this mom why she’s wearing high heels while at the beach…




                                                      How’s this prank happen? Should watch this…