Welcome to the Family with 13 Sons but the Couple won’t Stop Trying for Kids until They have a Daughter

This Brazilian Couple have have been trying for the past 20 years just to have a precious baby girl in their family. Irineu Cruz and wife Jucicleide Silva have 13 sons whose aging 1 month to 18 years old. Their hopes and dreams to have a baby girl seems to be impossible but they are determined as this couple says they wont stop until a girl arrives.

According to this couple, they agreed that the husband will name the boys and wife will name the girls. But eventually, all boys are born to this family. How ironic that was.

Jucicleide as a full time mom, she said

“Every lunch time I cook a kilo of rice, a kilo of beans and an extra-large packet of macaroni.

“Of course there are times when things are tough but nobody ever goes hungry.

“If we have one loaf of bread, it’s divided and shared between everybody.

“The good thing is that all my boys are well behaved.”


Photo credits to Caters

Wow, that was tough. Imagine having 13 kids and their family status is really poor. As a farmer and full time mom, who would have thought they managed to survive with this huge number of children.

While their father really idolized those best footballers in brazil. He said,

“I’ve always admired players like Rivaldo and Ronaldinho, all the best footballers seemed to have a name beginning with R, so I decided to name my sons after them,”

So here’s the list of the names of their sons with their respective age:
Robson – 18
Reinan – 17
Rauan – 15
Rubens – 14
Rivaldo – 13
Ruan – 12
Ramon – 10
Rincon – 9
Riquelme – 7
Ramires – 5
Rilson – 3
Rafael – 2
Ronaldo – one month old

Watch the clip from Caters News Agency as they features the kids on their loved sports and the said viral couple.