Woman pushed her death in New York Subway train



The pinay died after being pushed by a schizophrenic woman in front of a incoming subway train in New York was a Filipina housekeeper. The pinay was pushed off the platform by Melanie Liverpool, who has been arrested.

Connie Watton 49 year old, a Filipina who migrated to the United State. She a housekeeper working for a billionaire Blackstone Group CEO Stephen Schwarzman.  She was only 18 year old when she came in America and became a US citizen. The whole family of Schwarzman was really sad and shocked after the incident.



Melanie Liverpool is the one who was pushed the Filipina woman. Liverpool immediately confessed to the crime at the scene. Melanie Liverpool was arrested by New York City police. Before the fatal shove some witnesses said the victim and the suspect were involved in a dispute. The suspect was ordered held without bail.