Woman Saves a Baby Deer Stuck in Two Different Fences

A woman had to rescue a baby deer twice from iron railings while she was on her morning run.

Chloe Dorsey was jogging through Stone Mountain Park, Georgia, when she saw the deer struggling between two rails of iron fence.

In the video, Chloe can be overheard saying ‘stop, wait’ before carefully approaching the deer from behind.

Incredible footage shows Chloe use all her strength to wrench the iron rails apart before the deer is seen hurtling away.

Chloe then climbs over the railings to get back into the park and is overheard saying, ‘so is nobody going to help me?’

Just 44 seconds later, Chloe sees the clumsy deer stuck again in another set of railings. Watch the video Below how she save the deer!