An Australian woman who survived a volcano eruption in New Zealand has woken from a coma to the tragic news that her loved ones died in the blast.


Lisa Dallow, 48, suffered burns on about 60 per cent of her body in the Dec. 9 eruption on New Zealand’s White Island, family members said. “She can remember getting hit by what she called ‘boulders’ from the explosion,” her father-in-law told Network 10. “Getting lifted onto the helicopter, that’s the last thing she can remember.”

Gavin died while being transported to the hospital, Network 10 reports. A funeral was held for him last month with 600 people in attendance. The family delayed Zoe’s memorial with hopes that Lisa will be able to attend.

Lisa Dallow’s husband and daughter were among 21 people who died when the eruption occurred on the privately-owned volcanic island, a popular tourist destination off the east coast of New Zealand’s North Island.


WATCH VIDEO HERE: NZ volcano victim wakes from a coma to discover her daughter, a husband is dead