You’ll be Mad on Her Dad Because He Wrapped His Daughter in Plastic but in the End of the Story Is Going to be Very Inspirational!

p[c6                                                                                Screen Shots via Youtube

Once a parent, anything or no matter what happen they will do their best just to sustain his or her children with the basic necessities of life, including food, clothing, and shelter. Their daily duty is to make sure his or her children’s 24/7 safety on their shoulder. I personally salute those parents who watch their kids from the day they born to the development of growing up for some many moral aspects taught to them.

While browsing You Tube videos, this caught my attention on the list of trending now. It was captioned “Dad puts daughter in plastic bag to cross a river so that she’s able to attend school” If I’m not mistaken, this video was captured from Vietnam (I just goggled it). The flows of water in the river seriously wavy and strong. Imagine that, they want to take risk their lives for education.

Take a deep breath.  What a pathetic situation here! Here’s the new picture of poverty. Strikes to a difficult situation for School.
Hold on. Uh, just hold your breath. The arrival is near.



Who would have thought, Poverty is not the hindrance to success. It’s just like, hindrances gave you the power to survive in every challenges occurs in your life. May she become successful in the near future.


                                                       Check out the full video below to see what happen next.